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 …for selecting employees
  • Are job role & qualifications defined?
  • Can candidate perform job?
  • Does candidate understand requirements?
  • Is candidate a good "fit"?
 …for managing employees
  • Set Expectations
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Coach Effectively
  • Consistently Hold Employees Accountable
 …for management development
  • Define organizational culture
  • Encourage & Train
  • Help Succeed in Public
  • Correct in Private
 …for regulatory compliance
  • Which regulations apply?
  • Is an informed, competent professional accountable for compliance with each?
  • Is process in place for compliance?
  • Is compliance measurably demonstrated?
 …for complementing operational issues
  • Are organizational goals defined?
  • Are the right people in place?
  • Is everyone working toward goal?
  • Are results measurable?
 Over two decades experience assisting employers by aligning HR issues with operational goals.

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